This year Gobo has branched out (again!) and joined with Springline Productions to start producing audio plays. It’ s a fascinating area and requires such different skills from the theatrical ones we are so used that we were inspired to give it a go.

Executive Producer –

David Hunter

Technical Director –

Chris Scott

Studio Director –

Amy Standish

Original Music Composed by

Kayleigh Stratton

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After months (and months, and months...) of planning, sorting the right script, working through the technical issues, we managed to pull a cast and crew together and recorded our first “radio” play in April 2016. This was "Making Ends Meet" by Peter Higginbotham and tells the story of the Fiona Buckingham Introduction Agency who, with more creditors than clients, is struggling to make ends meet.

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Cheap do-it-yourself dating through newspaper Lonely Heart columns has reduced the membership to almost single figures making it even harder to match clients up (set a few decades ago, goodness knows how she’ d be getting on now in a world of “Tinder” etc!). Things start to look up when, within the space of a few days, two new members join. But then it all starts to go horribly wrong... If you’ d like a listen, please a click below, depending on what platform you prefer to use.

Springline Audio Play 1 Springline Audio Play 2

Cast & Crew:

Fiona –

Sara Cole

Trevor –

Chris Bedford

Mrs Hopkins –

Jill Vale

Gregory Chadwick –

David Noble

Margaret –

Jennie Cosgrave

Joanne –

Clare Bedford

Beverley –

Amy Standish

Call us 07970 581 924
Over the past few months we have been working on “The Blue Carbuncle” by Arthur Conan Doyle – a Christmas Sherlock Holmes ready for the festive season. We’re feverishly working away on the editing and hope it to be out in time for Christmas!
2017 - We plan to begin workshops on radio/audio acting. Participants will go through the different techniques that are needed for voice acting, rather than the stage, and will then go on to produce a play. This is designed for both professionals looking to expand their repertoire and for non-professionals wanting to experience something different. And we hope it will be fun for whoever comes! Please do get in touch if you’re interested and we will contact you when the first one is due to take place.

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