Gobo Theatre Foundation

Our charity was created to help support, mentor and inspire young people in the theatrical arts with a focus on ensuring that opportunities are not only available to those who can afford it.

We try to deliver is an experience for young people that is as close as possible to what it can be like working on a professional small-scale show (the type of show our older actors tour) - that's everyone working together to create a production, not stars and those in the background, everybody has input into the creative ideas that make up the whole show.

We work to ensure young artists are paid for what they do, rather than having to follow the no/lo-pay path which carries with it the need for financial support from family. We also believe the skills learnt in the theatre are invaluable to young people.
Equally, this certainly isn't just for people who want to pursue the theatrical lifestyle, we want our participants to come away with a whole range of skills that will help them build their futures, whatever that may be. All students receive equal attention as they build on their individual talents.


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